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Offering free eBooks is another effective way to promote eLearning courses. You can create useful eBooks in your niche and offer them free of cost for your audience. This is also a proven way to boost your email subscription and have returning visitors to your eLearning website.

You can ask visitors for emails to download eBooks and have their consent to send emails and newsletters. Make sure you make your courses linked in the relevant places on your eBook. Cover success stories give guidelines, and many more. In short, make your eBook as detailed as possible.

Also, you can offer a free eBook with your course. You can say what this eBook is generally cost and mention that learners will get this free of cost once enrolled for the course. This way, you can add more value to your course.

Only creating courses and publishing them on your website will not be enough to have students for your courses. You have to promote your courses in different ways. Content marketing is one of the proven ways to promote websites, products, and courses easily. You can go for paid ads, social media promotion, display ads, and more to promote and sell your courses. But content marketing should be your top priority because you can feel its impact in the long run and generally gives consistently positive results.

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Tips to Cover Your Students’ Stories
  1. Cover one student’s story in a single post with a personalized title
  2. Share students photos and related special moments
  3. Set up a questionnaire that brings previous and post-course taking state
  4. Ask what part of the course he/she liked most or impacted them

Covering students’ stories on your eLearning site is not only inspiring but also it boosts engagement. As you are featuring success, your students and their well-wishers will be willing to share this on social media channels and bring you more leads eventually.

Cover Similar Topics Before and After Publishing Courses

If you want people to come to your site and take courses, you need to talk about your course topics. Not just after creating courses, you have to start talking about those topics before even publishing the course to give a feel of what this site is about. This would help people and Google to understand your site most. Try to solve people’s problems in different articles. Give them guidelines, publish short how-to tutorials, and talk about how your course lesson can help in that regard most.